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The Struggle to Work for the Homeless

Many of our homeless face a barrier to working that many of us don't think about. If someone is homeless and living on the streets, without transportation... the challenge of getting to work using public transportation is a real struggle. The issue of time and how someone is going to make it to a job

Would you be willing to wait 6-10 years for housing?

Seems a bit ridiculous huh? This is what the local housing offices (HUD) office expects the homeless to do! Instead of building affordable housing the city has swept the homeless crisis under the rug! There is a real epidemic going on in San Diego & North County. Instead of the city officials focusing their attention

Living on the Run

Today I met with James who took me to a park and showed me where he was living. He and a group of other homeless have recently been pushed out of their canyon encampment by city officials recently and have no where else to go. During the cities recent sweeps of the canyon everything that