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Vehicles For Veterans

Many of our homeless are without transportation and unable to get to doctor appointments, job interviews, work etc.  Having transportation is key to making progress forward and putting their lives back together after being on the streets.  Many veterans have slowly lost much of what they have had.  Many have lost cars because they simply could not afford them, the cars needed repairs they couldn’t afford or in all too many cases their cars were towed and then impounded.  Often the impound bill was greater than the value of the car…. and just like that it was gone.

As many of our veterans go through our program and have taken several steps forward, we help them find affordable cars.  Through generous donations, we are able to give the gift of transportation to these deserving veterans.  Often times our veterans work on the cars in our program, doing repairs and cosmetic work to the cars we take in on donation.  Once the cars are in great working order, we match the vehicles to a deserving veteran that has earned the car through progress through our program.  It gives them a great sense of accomplishment to have a vehicle of their own to drive to their appointments and job.

Through your generous donation of a car you are providing a vital tool to our homeless veterans to give them a way to get back and forth. All donations are tax deductible. Please fill out the form below if you are willing to donate a car to help out a homeless veteran.

P.O. Box 131593
Carlsbad, CA 92013