Privacy Policy

Posted by Kelly Luisi on  May 28, 2019

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Donor Privacy PolicyHomeless Veterans of San Diego (HVSD) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all contributions are tax deductible. HVSD maintains the highest level of respect for the privacy of its donors. In furtherance of HVSD’s commitment to protecting its donors, RSFF has developed the following donor privacy policy: 1. Donor Information Collected by HVSD: As part of making a donation to HVSD, the organization routinely collects the following personal information from donors: full name; e-mail address;

Here we go again..

Posted by Kelly Luisi on  February 27, 2019

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Nearly 2 years ago San Diego was in the height of a Hepatitis-A outbreak. 20 lives were lost during the county wide crisis.  Here we are not quite 2 years later and there is again a rise in a growing feces born illness. The rise of Shigellosis in recent years is promising to be the next infectious bacteria disease to hit San Diego county.  In a city that has blatantly ignored the lack of humane

San Diego Lacking Homeless Support & Services

Posted by Kelly Luisi on  January 24, 2019

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San Diego Lacking Homeless Support & ServicesAs a Homeless Outreach coordinator and specialist here in North County San Diego, I thought that I had a pretty good comprehension of  the magnitude of the homeless crisis that has been going on here in the city of San Diego.  Boy was I clearly wrong!  Our outreach team ventured down to Father Joes this week to do outreach for the upcoming Stand Down happening in a few weeks in

The Art Of Survival

Posted by Kelly Luisi on  August 14, 2018

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The Art Of SurvivalLiving homeless on the streets of San Diego is about survival!  It isn’t easy being homeless in America’s “finest” city.  As many in the community pull their cars into their  garage at night, flip on the lights of their homes and look into their refrigerators for the evening meal…. being homeless paints a far different picture!   They are the hidden society, often they wake far earlier than most to get off
The Face of Homelessness isn’t always what you envision!There is really very little that separates yourself from homelessness!  Think about it, What would it take for you to become homeless?  A lost job, a failed relationship, an unexpected car repair, a home that you rent that is suddenly sold?  It happens to the best of us… ALL OF US!  Of course, there are those that end up homeless due to bad choices!  I think that