Nearly 2 years ago San Diego was in the height of a Hepatitis-A outbreak. 20 lives were lost during the county wide crisis.  Here we are not quite 2 years later and there is again a rise in a growing feces born illness.
The rise of Shigellosis in recent years is promising to be the next infectious bacteria disease to hit San Diego county.  In a city that has blatantly ignored the lack of humane areas for the homeless to use the restroom, downtown, in public areas and parks – it’s looking like this will be the newest medical crisis to hit San Diego in the coming months.  According to reports from the county office for epidemiology and immunization services, the reason for the rise in cases, is better, faster reporting in recent years.  They report that every person who contracts this bacterial disease is interviewed.
Data in the county have steadily shown an increase in cases over the last several months. In 2016 there were a monthly average of 19 cases a month, in 2017 that number jumped to 27 cases on average. In 2018 the cases increased to 32 a month, and in the first month of 2019 cases hit a high of 40.   People at the highest risk for this disease are said to be gay men or children.  It can be deadly for anyone with a weak immune system, and generally causes diarrhea.
The question remains….. why is this continuing to happen in America’s Finest City?   Is this the next epidemic to silently hit San Diego?  What is going to happen here, more people dying while city officials continue to ignore that they are not providing basic needs to our continued growing population of men and women across the county that remain homeless?  Here we go again….