HVSD is a fast paced and successful program to help committed homeless veterans navigate through necessary services to regain their place in the community! Last year, HVSD successfully placed 30 veterans off the streets & into bridge or permanent housing! Through our outreach we are often faced with “Emergency” situations where a vulnerable, elderly, frail or veteran family with small children are without shelter. Days, nights & weekends HVSD is available to assist these vets & families through our “Emergency Placement Fund’ which provides transportation, food and shelter. We have a clear 4 phase program that requires accountability, commitment, personal growth and education. We treat our veterans with dignity, great care and compassion.

Major Programs At HVSD

Throughout our program Veterans have a team of mentors to ensure their success. We navigate each veteran through a series of “Action Plans” that are personally designed to address their individual needs, while creating self confidence, motivation, a sense of accomplishment and a clear plan to move forward. We teach them many life skills such as good financial management, reintegration back into the civilian work place, navigation with VA benefits & Compensation, assistance with mental health and addiction issues etc. Through our HERO (Healthy Eating Resource Operation) we have served nearly 500 healthy lunches to our veterans during our weekly Outreach.

Getting a veteran into a home is where the real work begins. Moving veterans into homes, with literally nothing, just 4 blank walls, no furniture, no supplies, nothing…. Our House 2 Home program was born! It bridges the gap between a veteran that once had very few possessions, while living on the streets to giving a veteran a sense of pride, accomplishment, ownership and a commonality with their neighbors & community. Basic kitchen & bath supplies, fill-a-pantry & refrigerator with basics, donated furniture, cleaning supplies etc bridge the gap & give the vet a home they can feel comfortable in! This creates a sense of belonging & pride in their community!

Our compassionate HVSD mentors continue to interact on a weekly basis with our vets in their own housing by continuing to monitor their financial health, budgeting and ability to care for their basic needs on their own. Through continual education and a high touch approach, we insure our veterans remain successful. We instill the value of giving back to our vets by circling them back into volunteer opportunities with our program.