Today our HVSD outreach team had the opportunity to see where one of our veterans and his wife lived.  The wife  took the time to share with us the frustration and shame she feels with being homeless.  She and her husband have been chronically homeless for the last several years.  They have three small children that have been displaced until the parents can find adequate housing.  “Being on the streets, is not easy!   We struggle to find a safe place to sleep out on the streets or canyons of the North County.  Currently we live in a tunnel that runs under a freeway.  The recent above average heat hasn’t helped either.  It’s hard to stay cool, and frankly we are exhausted.  The local police are constantly harassing us, telling us to move… yet the city has no available shelters.  We are constantly on the move and the uncertainty about our safety is very stressful.  The wife continues by telling  me she spent the past two nights in jail, for being homeless.  Even in the jail system, she was given no options for resources or how to solve the problem.  People out in public, just don’t understand.  It is embarrassing to live this way.  My husband served our country, yet when he came home and got out of the military… there was no where for him to go.  People just stare at us, they know we are homeless”.