Kelly Luisi

Founder, Chairwoman

Kelly Luisi is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Homeless Veterans of San Diego (HVSD). With over 12 years experience in designing effective veterans-oriented programs, Kelly has successfully led volunteer organizations, delivery maximum impact to the community. Kelly’s dedication to veterans’ causes arose in part from her brother’s untimely death during Operation Enduring Freedom in April 2006. Kelly led a national organization devoted to assisting the families of Fallen Soldiers.

Through her work with combat wounded military personnel, Kelly became painfully aware of the epidemic homeless veterans. Determined to make a difference, she established HVSD in 2017 and has been responsible for developing the strategy and programs of the organization. She also recruited volunteers and led fund raising efforts. Kelly’s “hands on” management style produces results and her experience as a financial manager enables a maximum return on investment. Her outstanding participation at her community’s Stand Down event was recognized by other service providers and led to a leadership role in Outreach for subsequent veterans’ gatherings. Significantly, the results achieved by HVSD were obtained by an all-volunteer group recruited and mentored by Kelly. Kelly’s commitment to responsible financial management has been recognized by donors and is demonstrated by the response she receives when she requests help. Kelly has built significant bridges to other service providers, leveraging the unique contributions each organization can make.

She is the recipient of The Molly Pitcher Award given by the 11th Marines to individuals demonstrating stellar commitment to the mission of the Marines. She is also recognized for her work with gold star families on Camp Pendleton. Kelly received her education at San Diego State University.

HVSD, under Kelly’s management, is recognized as a leader in providing individualized compassionate support service for Homeless Veterans in San Diego. The veterans touched by Kelly’s organization have a renewed sense of hope and a path to community inclusion.

(See “Kelly’s Story” for more information about her experience.)