Our Mission

Homeless Veterans of San Diego exists to put an end to the epidemic of homelessness among our veterans. No veteran that has served our country should have to sleep next to a freeway, in downtown doorways, under bridges, in tents on busy city streets, or in brush in canyons and parks.

It is our goal through individual advocacy, mentoring, and a “hand up” approach that our homeless veterans will realize the comfort of having their own home. But even before that happens, our advocacy will help our veterans with each step of turning their lives in a positive direction.

Homeless Veterans of San Diego serves homeless veterans willing to make a commitment to help themselves and work one-on-one with one of our advocates. We provide individualized advocacy and care to provide them resources and steps to get them the care and hope they need.

We have seen great success in establishing trust, friendship and positive interaction with our homeless veterans by meeting with them regularly and helping them individually through the many steps of moving in a positive direction to end their own homelessness and regain pride, dignity and self-worth.

Together we can end this epidemic and take these veterans off the streets and into homes where they can be feel safe, peaceful and proud.

What Services Do We Offer?

  • Navigation through a broken VA system

  • Assistance to secure housing

  • Help with job placement

  • Resources & Support through addiction recovery

  • Medical & mental health issues

  • Mentoring to help keep them focused and moving forward

How is HVOFSD Unique?

Many of the Veterans who have nobly served our country come home being told “thank you for your service” but the reality is that some vets are invisible, unwelcome or just ignored; they can face homelessness and unemployment. The Homeless Veterans of San Diego’s mission is to help veterans leverage their considerable skills to rejoin their community. Specifically, HVSD offers support for veterans to secure housing, medical care, employment, and life skills that are necessary to enable re-entry into their community. HVSD’s approach is to focus on the individual, by providing support and services customized to the individual’s needs, delivered in a high touch manner. We believe this relationship is founded on trust and creating a relationship with the veteran that makes them feel comfortable and treated with dignity. Each of them have a unique story and circumstances. We assist each veteran individually and aim for a high success rate for each of them. Everyone deserves a home and a helping hand up.