San Diego Lacking Homeless Support & Services

As a Homeless Outreach coordinator and specialist here in North County San Diego, I thought that I had a pretty good comprehension of  the magnitude of the homeless crisis that has been going on here in the city of San Diego.  Boy was I clearly wrong!  Our outreach team ventured down to Father Joes this week to do outreach for the upcoming Stand Down happening in a few weeks in Vista.

The epidemic of homelessness by all appearances has gotten worse, much worse! The area around Father Joes and the beautiful Petco Park is nothing short of heartbreaking!  Hundreds of people walk the streets downtown, sleeping in make shift villages of tents, tarps and sleeping bags of what is suppose to be America’s Finest City!  It is clear that the epidemic of homeless continues to be ignored by the very people that we entrust with millions of city dollars and leadership.   The city is failing to address the issue in a serious manner.

We had the opportunity to speak to several veterans that day while we did outreach at Father Joe’s Day Center on 17th Street.  All that we spoke to had within days just arrived to San Diego from another state.  They either got here by bus, plane or caught a train here.  All were from different states and had come here with the promise of better services than where they came from.  The reality… is they have arrived to discover that San Diego has NO PLAN in place to help these people.  The lack of direction or service providers is nothing short of tragic.  These folks pouring into our city are broken and lost.  They need clear navigation to services! Instead, they are pointed in multiple directions, only to discover there are no real services available dedicated to really helping through the system.  How does the city expect the problem to go away if there is no help for those that are experiencing homelessness and they are flooding into our city daily?