The Face of Homelessness isn’t always what you envision!

There is really very little that separates yourself from homelessness!  Think about it, What would it take for you to become homeless?  A lost job, a failed relationship, an unexpected car repair, a home that you rent that is suddenly sold?  It happens to the best of us… ALL OF US! 

Of course, there are those that end up homeless due to bad choices!  I think that is the image we all instinctively come up with. For many though… it is a life experience like the ones mentioned above.  For many we are just one unforeseeable situation away from losing our stability and roof over our head. 

So, the face of homelessness is not what you think it is all the time!  It’s the single mother with 2 small children living in her car because she fled an abusive relationship. It’s the 94 year old World War II veteran that lost his home of many years after the landlord decided to sell and his teacher’s retirement won’t nearly be enough to cover rents in our area. It’s the 30 year old Navy veteran that got out of the military after 11 years of pastoral services in the military and gets his hours cut at his new civilian job and his rent increased.  These are the faces of Homelessness!  These are the men and women that need the “Hand Up”!

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