Many of our homeless face a barrier to working that many of us don’t think about. If someone is homeless and living on the streets, without transportation… the challenge of getting to work using public transportation is a real struggle. The issue of time and how someone is going to make it to a job that starts at 9am takes some strategic planning. In order to make it get to a job, get themselves, fed, showered and in decent clothes for the job, whatever it might be is a Very BIG obstacle for our homeless. Many waking up hours before a job to ensure all their needs are met and they still have time to take the bus, which can take a few hours to travel 10 miles or so. That is why it is our goal at HVSD to get our Veterans independent as quickly as possible after gaining employment. Through our Car Donation program our vets are required to be working and able to contribute to the upkeep and cost of fuel for the car. We hope to relieve our veterans of this stress if they are willing to take the steps needed to gain independence through employment.